Phipps Farm Angels in the Innfield

  Some say that angels have two wings, we believe some also have four paws. 

                                                       Introducing Phipps Farm Angels in the Innfield!

                               Great new name better facilities and new opportunities to grow

                                                           with your family and ours! 

Due to covid-19 we ask that all customers honk when you park in our parking lot. We will greet you outside. Please maintain a 6 feet (leash length) dogs  and each other. Assessments will still be done in your home but by following our guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation.

We are Phipps Farm Angels in the Innfield and we're here to help you and your dog live a happier, healthier lifestyle. We offer a multitude of services geared toward helping you and your four-legged companion understand each other better. Not only do we specialize in canine training, maintenance, temperament testing, retrieval skills, tracking  and trailing, but we also offer training for Service and Therapy Dogs, too.

We understand better than anyone that every dog is unique and requires their own course of training. This is what makes us different from all the other training companies: we do not believe that there is a one-size-fits-all training program. We meet with you snd your family in your home and really get to know you.

We have to admit, it’s not just our love for dogs that opened our doors, but it’s our understanding that a well-trained dog is more than just a necessity— it’s a blessing! We know how much you care about your pet: they are just as important to us as we are to them. Our goal is to find the perfect balance between an obedient dog and a happy owner.