Welcome to Angels in the Innfield


Trumbull County's 4H Pawsitive Pawsabilitie Club

First Meeting: April 4, 2022

Humans aged 5-19 years of age are invited to our 1st meeting on April 2nd. There is a workbook and textbook to help with their project. $20.00 per year fee for events. A one week camping trip with fundraisers.

Junior Trainers Program & Trainer Apprentice Program

Orientation: April 9, 2022

We are starting our Junior Trainers Program for kids ages 6-12 and our Trainers Apprentice Program for ages 13-18. Orientation will begin on April 9, 2022. We will start orientation with kids to see how much they know about proper care for their pets. We will have four segments to this program, and each segment will be 1 day per week for the entire month. Cost for the entire program will be $20 per week per child (with dogs(s)).

Trainings will be in both outside training areas and training will be staggered to accommodate all.

RSVP with us at 216-401-8307 or by emailing phippsfarmsangelsintheinnfield@gmail.com.

About Us

In 2012, the founder of Angels in the Innfield, Angela Phipps, was in a car accident which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Her recovery was slow, and she often struggled to accomplish simple daily tasks. That's when her family bought her a puppy, Sophie, to motivate and give her some responsibility. With Sophie's help, Angela's recovery seemed to accelerate, and soon she was walking dogs at the APL in Cleveland to get her strength back.

Angela found her new calling with all the help she'd received from her K9 angels. In 2014, Angela opened the doors to Angels in the Innfield for the first time. Over the years she's spent in service, she helped countless dogs with behavioral issues, and countless families receive a service dog for various disabilities.

In 2020, Angela and her best friend, Kimberly Phipps, merged into Phipps Farms Angels in the Innfield.


Our mission is to keep every dog in their home by preventing and repairing bad behavior while maintaining a positive relationship with the whole family.


Our vision is to make the world a greater place to live by teaching people and their dogs how to communicate and aid each other through life's ups and downs.

In the News

Therapy dog brings school comfort, calmness

As D’Eionte is leading Shannon down the hall, a classmate, Donovan May, 10, approaches the two and asks if he can pet the canine. Always asking the handler for permission to pet a therapy dog is among the protocols students and staff have learned and practice regularly, explained dog trainer Angela Phipps of Angels in the Innfield LLP in Southington.

Phipps started working with Shannon before the school brought her in as a therapy dog.

“I enjoy the benefits I see with the kids and Shannon,” Phipps said. “The students have been extremely receptive. They’re comfortable with her, and she’s comfortable being here."

Source: Tribune Chronicle

What we Offer




Junior Trainers Program


Linda M

We had used the services of Angels in the Innfield to train our puppy. We had some issues that needed to be addressed and corrected immediately. Angie and Kim came to our house to do an evaluation and gave us very helpful directions to deal with Max. We have used their boarding facilities. I cannot rate these ladies high enough. They are very friendly, informative, and helpful. They have been a blessing in our lives. They are there for your dog in all stages of their life.