Angels in the Innfield, LLP.

  Some say that angels have two wings, 

Angela (Angie)  Holland-Tancos 

Angels in the Innfield, LLP., Founder

After a life-changing car accident resulted in a long recovery, Angie's family decided to adopt a dog in hopes of raising her spirits. Sophie, a Labrador/Beagle mix, not only motivated her physically, but she also reignited her long-lost passion of working with animals. Our specialty is training service dogs, emotional support dogs and therapy dogs.

In 2013, Angie graduated from the National K-9 School for Dog Training, but she didn't stop there. She continued her training and is now a certified member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). She is a volunteer at Mosquito Lake Dog Park. Angie is also a member of Forest Field Search & Rescue.

April Moccia

Angels in the Innfield LLP., Dog Trainer Apprentice

April brought her dog here for training a few years ago and has been with us ever since. She has 3 dogs of her own and 2 of them are service dogs(pictured) and 1 emotional support. She specializes with our customers who have special needs. She is also our event planner and adds fun to every event.

Lori Holland-Tancos

Angels in the Innfield LLP., Office Manager

Lori is the office manager that takes charge of the behind-the-scenes care of the business. She is pictured with her girl Remi who she adopted when she was 6 months old and they have been forever partners since that day. Remi has completed agility training and aids in obstacle training here.

Our Mission

Our accredited staff works hard on creating a human-animal bond between dogs and their owners, by teaching your dog that all humans have the same rules. 

Our goal is to get people motivated and excited about canine behavior. We would like you to gain a better understanding and knowledge to create your well-mannered family companion.

Choose Us!

We are not like other companies that use the same vigorous routine for their training. Here at Angels in the Innfield we go above and beyond. We tailor our training method according to your dog’s specific temperament, behaviors, and personality. Besides customized training, we offer dog-sitting services, in-home training, and many other exclusive services.