Angels in the Innfield, LLP.

  Some say that angels have two wings, 

Weekly Events

Puppy & Dog Playtime
Angels in the Innfield Offers Puppy & Dog Playtime for everyone FREE of charge! Come and join us every at Angels in the Innfeild H.Q on Saturday 11am -1pm. Socializing is the key for puppy success!
Service Dog Mall Walk 
Angels In the Innfield offers service dog mall walks for any service dog trained though us. FREE of Charge, We meet every Tuesday at 12pm - 1pm. 
 Doggy Day Care
Angels In the Innfield Offers Doggy Day Care for everyone. Bring your dog or puppy to our boarding facility any 3 days during the week. Cost is $40.00 
(8 hours)
 S.T.A.R Puppy Classes 
You and your puppy can learn what it takes to become a ST.A.R Puppy. Angels in the Innfield goes by the A.K.C S.T.A.R Puppy behavior standards. Learn how to work on a new behavior every week.  All puppies must be 1 year old or younger to be eligible. Classes are every Tuesday 5pm-6pm for 6 weeks.
 C.G.C Dog Classes
 You and your dog can learn what it takes to became C.G.C dog. Angels in the Innfield goes by the A.K.C C.G.C behaivor standards. Learn how to work on a new behavior every week. This can be an add on to S.T.A.R Puppy Classes, but dogs 12 months or older do not need the S.T.A.R puppy classes. Classes are every Tuesday 4pm-5pm for 6 weeks.
 Service Dog Classes
In this class you can learn the A.D.A laws, learn how to be around a service dog, learn to the diffence between Theopry Dog, Emotional Support Animal, and Service Dogs and much more. This is a good resouce for any person who wants a service dog or business owner. Classes are evry Saturday 3pm-4pm for 6 weeks.

Our Services

The most crucial component of canine training is choosing a method that best suits your lifestyle. There is no “one way” to train a dog, and this is why we offer a wide variety of courses. However, before picking any kind of training, your dog must first be evaluated. Here at Angels in the Innfield. LLP., we offer a FREE evaluation for all clients. Let us know what problems you’re having and we'll come up with a solution! We work around your schedule and we can even come to you for our in-home training sessions. Read more about our programs below:

Basic and Advanced Obedience Courses

Our obedience courses teach both owner and dog how to strengthen their bond with one another. By providing your pet with a structured routine, we can teach your dog to do (or NOT to do) just about anything. We train with verbal cues and hand signals. A dog learns 85% faster with hand signals.

Behavior Modification

During the FREE evaluation we can learn more about your specific dog’s strengths and weaknesses, and their fears and anxieties. Our Behavior Modification course focuses on specific behavioral issues that you wish to change in your dog"s behavior. 

Puppy Temperament Testing

Sometimes a pet owner wants to know what type of temperament their dog has before bringing them home. Whether you have small children, or if you’re planning on raising a “show” dog, then this is the test for you. When a dog has a litter and it’s safe for the puppies to be away from their mother, they're placed in a playpen, separated from the owners. Once we see how they react on their own, then there are several other tests performed and documented to gauge the behavior and personality of the puppy. This can be a helpful tool when it comes to training your dog.

Service Dog Training

One of our most passionate areas of interest here at Angels in the Innfield, LLP., is training service dogs. We take pride in enriching lives by partnering people with a reliable, well-trained companion who will keep them safe. Whether you want to train Fido to be a seeing-eye dog, a member of a search and rescue team, or a canine in uniform, we are here to help. This course specializes in drug detection, scent detection, tracking, and trailing. If you’re interested in knowing more, give us a call or stop in our office.

In-Home Training

We come up with a training plan that is dependent on location and distance. We will give you a FREE estimate as well as our FREE evaluation. Then, we set up a calendar that works best for you. We know that life is busy, so we do the best we can to keep the schedule flexible. We ask you to please have the courtesy to give 24 hours notice but we can be flexible in emergency situations. Our training is guaranteed, so if you aren't 100% satisfied we will come back to fix any issues that may have slipped by.

Doggie Transportation

Do you have a scheduling conflict or transportation issues that are stopping you from getting your pet to the groomers, veterinarian, or out for a walk? We do all of that! Just give us a call, we can accommodate your transportation needs. Call for pricing!

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